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South Australia needs skilled people in the growth areas of our economy.

Over the next few years, more than half of the predicted top 50 careers with highest growth will need technical skills, like the ones you get through an apprenticeship, traineeship or vocational education and training (VET) qualification.

Research shows that by the age of 25, VET graduates at the Certificate III to Advanced Diploma levels in SA are more likely to have a full-time job when compared to higher education graduates.

Defence projects, including building fleets of submarines and frigates, are expected to create and sustain thousands of jobs here in South Australia in the 2020s.

Cyber security is also set for growth, with an estimated 11,000 new jobs to be created over the next decade.

The Australian Space Agency, headquartered in Adelaide, has set a clear goal of tripling the space economy in Australia and creating up to 20,000 jobs by 2030.

Explore your career options now, and take note of the projected job openings. This will tell you whether the career you’re interested in is going to grow over the next five years.

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