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Studying VET in school

VET can help you kick start your career while you’re still at school completing your SACE.

There are a few different ways you can study VET while you’re at school, including either a school-based apprenticeship, VET courses offered through individual schools, or starting a course that will help you get your SACE that you’ll keep studying once you’ve finished school.

By commencing a Flexible Industry Pathway, you can study VET while you’re at school through either:

  1. On-the-job training (a school-based apprenticeship or traineeship)
  2. Off-the-job training (institutional delivery)

“My parents are really happy that I’m doing the apprenticeship and that I’m still getting my SACE. I feel like I’m getting a head start by doing it while I’m still in school.”

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Flexible Industry Pathways

Flexible Industry Pathways have been developed in partnership with industry so that you can gain the skills, knowledge and experience valued by employers in key growth industries in South Australia.

There are numerous pathways that include a wide range of careers, from health, agriculture and cyber security, to building and construction and careers in space, mining and defence. You can even study VET to help you to start your own business.

A full list of Flexible Industry Pathways is available on the Department for Education website.

If you're interested, speak to your school's VET Coordinator.

Stackable VET options

If you are still deciding whether VET is for you, or would like to build your employability skills, ask your teacher about Stackable VET options.

Stackable VET includes the options outside of a Flexible Industry Pathway that are endorsed by industry for deliver to school students. They provide an introduction to VET, pre-vocational qualifications to help you build your literacy and numeracy skills relevant to the workplace, and short courses to help you develop skills in a particular work area.

Need help or want to discuss?

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